::Team Hydro::

Team Hydro Is The First And Leading team In Pokemonlake, With More Than 100 Members!!!
 Creator Of team Hydro:- Perpared
 Leader                         :- Perpared
 Assistants                      :- /lol]
 Temporary Leaders     :- 1.Nickxx  2.101010p 3.engel 4.Hyro

Note:- Temporary leaders are those leaders, which if the Orginal Leader(Perpared), is away for somedays/ weeks/ months, he will give them responsibility of Team Hydro for short time.. when Perpared is back then he will again take the responsibility as A Leader Of Team Hydro... Orginal leader Is Always Perpared..

::Team Hydro continues to rule the teams!::

With Most Experience:
1. diamond350 2. too_good12 3. 101010p 4. diamond350 6. too_good12 7. diamond350 12. 101010p 13. diamond350 14. Perpared 17. diamond350 18. 101010p 21. diamond350 22. maruelle 23. machokerules911 25. stillwinms 26. 101010p

With Most Pokemon:
1. 101010p 8. Nickxx 9. diamond350 10. machokerules911 11. sleverish 12. Perpared 16. too_good12

With Most Wins:
1. Perpared 8. sleverish 9. 101010p 11. too_good12 15. malikanad 16. maruelle 17. lakeashu 28. machokerules911 29. rocker90


There Are 7 Ranks Available In TeamHydro.1.Trainer rank
Grunt Rank
Specialist Rank
4.Corporal Rank
5.Captain Rank
6.Major Rank
General Rank

If You Will Join Team Hydro, Then Your Rank Will Be Trainer Rank..

'To Get On Ranks"

When You Join Team Hydro , Your Rank Will Be Trainer Rank.
2.Win atleast 2500 Battles to Get On Grunt Rank.
3.Win atleast 5000 battles to Get Into Specialist Rank.
4.Win atleast 7500 Battles to Go Into Next Rank(Corporal Rank)
5.Win atleast 8000 Battles to Get Captain Rank.
6.Win atleast 10000 Battles to Get Major Rank.
7.Win atleast 15000 Battles to Get General Rank. Win Ratio Must Be 100% On General Rank...
Note:- You Will Be Awarded Prize, When You Will Get General Rank...
Note:- You Can Also Get Bonus To Next Rank, By Coming Into In Top List Trainers In Different Categories.

::Map Guide::

Dont know where to find Certain Pokemon?
Don't worry, you can check our Map Guide...
Click HERE

::Hydro Forum::

To visit Team Hydro forum please click HERE
Hydro Forum Will Keep You Update About New Features Of team Hydro...

!Tournaments And Events!

Team Hydro Now Officially Announce About Events And Different Tournaments..
All Information About Events And Tournaments Is Available At www.hydrotournaments.weebly.com
So, Register For Events And Wonderful Tournaments....


If You Want To Join "Team HYDRO"  then please Click HERE and post your Username and your progress there. I'll confirm your entrance in Team Hydro with in 2 days!

To Join Team Hydro Secret Base(ChatRoom)

To Enter in team Hydro Secret Base(ChatRoom), Simply Go To www.pokemonlake.com/chat.htm , then when you are in Pokemonlake ChatRoom Just Type  /join #Pokemon  Then You will Enter In Team Hydro Secret Base.


Click HERE to join team Hydro Secret Base!

NOTE : Every Saturday, "Try My Luck Contest" is held in Team Hydro Secret base (where you can win different forms of pokemon) , so don't forget to participate in the Contest.

::This Weeks, Most Wanted Pokemon::

Curse-lugia IsThe Most Wanted Pokemon of The Week, If Anyone have That Pokemon Then Contact To Team Hydro Leader, OR Team Hydro Members.

Pokemon Location:-                                                   Grass Map-Zone12
Member(s) that caught Curse-Lugia:-                            Benjoy3, 101010p etc..